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Fred Hollows Way

This project situated in the new Dunedin subdivision Fred Hollows Way named after the famous Kiwi eye doctor who restored sight to countless people in the developing world. The task itself was to work on a massive new retaining wall. We were asked to make the wall more of a feature and in-keep with the property and surrounds rather that it being an eyesore. 

The result is seamless and sets the new property and retaining wall as one. It also provides a fantastic backdrop to our clients colourful roses and newly planted apple trees. 
The main feature of the project is the massive timber posts which form the uprights of the retaining wall. These believe it or not are sunk twice their length into the ground as they are above ground. They are some massive posts! 

The other details are the way the wall and fence seem to curve around the property. All the way from the front of the driveway to the rear of the property.
The wall now compliments the property and sets it apart from the other new residences nearby, as being complete and ready to live in and enjoy. 

Our clients are happy and are now looking at more roses to plant along their large backdrop. 
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