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High Street

The Forbes came to us around December 2017, they have a classic wooden villa on High Street that needed a freshen up, while still keeping in with its classic elements. With these old villas in Dunedin, you can be in for a few surprises such as weatherboards needed to be replaced or borer. We always like to be honest with our clients and work with builders so that the work doesn’t have to stop and they don’t have to find someone for the repairs themselves.

With this High Street villa, there was a lot of finer detailed fretwork and details around the home that required extra care. We arranged a colour consultant to meet with the Forbes to discuss colour options that fitted the homes period but would also fit in with modern colour schemes and the wider neighbourhood. They went with some great colouring choices that really highlight the beautiful details that the property has to offer.
Kelly, Troy and Hamish from Sims & Blue worked hard on this project, especially in preparation. They stripped back the old paint (some of which required the removal of lead-based paint) to bare timber using scaffolding. As can come up with old Dunedin villas, there was some replacement of rotten timber and windows and weatherboards. To keep in with the design integrity of the home, we did a special run of timber to make sure it was in keeping with the old style and size.
Once stripped back, we restored the home to its former glory and modernised the home, going from a cream colour to an off-white. The finished result really has those period features shining through and fits in with the neighbourhood. With a bit of regular care, it will continue to look sharp for years to come and has certainly added value to their period home.


'We went with Sims & Blue as they were a name I was familiar with from when I was a boy in Dunedin. We had a great experience with them. We moved back to Dunedin around six years ago, and into a classic Dunedin wooden villa.
We originally contacted them around Christmas 2017, and naively thought they’d complete our house that summer, but they were flat out and so our project started in late July. This ended up in our favour, as they had the time to give us lots of extra attention and were really obliging with the whole process.
When it came to the painting process, they were extremely careful and had a high level of attention to detail. They’re very experienced with older homes, and anyone who has undertaken painting one, probably knows that they’re up for a challenge; you never know quite what you’re getting into as there can be rotten timber boards and worse. We really appreciated that Sims & Blue were upfront about any repairs needed to our home and they just coordinated it for us, saving the stress of organizing it and it was at a reasonable price. We’re far happier to have upfront and honest painters than to have someone who covered up any problems, it’s been really great.
They also helped us with the colour scheme, getting a colour consultant to come and talk to us, so that when we settled on a colour scheme – we had some certainty and confidence. We looked at the neighbourhood and worked in with the houses around us, and we highlighted details around the house like fretwork and details around the eaves. It was great as you don’t get your house painted every day, so you want to get it right!'

Ged Forbes – High Street
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