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Howe Street

This project was a full exterior repaint of a blue stone property built in 1885. This property has plenty of history and was designed by a chap named Francis Petrie who was also known as 'Lord Concrete' because he was an early adopter of building with concrete back in the 1870's. Petrie ended up marrying a daughter of Captain Cargill and went on to design Dunedin's Cargills Castle and the Wellington Basilica. This is a special Dunedin property that resides in the heart of North Dunedin. Its current use is as a five bedroom student flat. 

The project itself included all exterior surfaces, some that were in dire need of attention. One of the other main parts of this project was the pointing of the stonework. There were areas on this building we could fit our hand through to the interior, other areas where the light penetrated the cracks. Needless to say this building had to be totally re-pointed. 

The new pointing along with the fresh period paint job makes this little gem in North Dunedin shine once again!
The main features of the property is the blue stone that had been newly re-pointed in the process of the project. This is highlighted by the crisp colour scheme. The cast corner blocks in the deep blue give the property a real sense of solidarity. 

The other main feature would have to be the front door and the beautiful porch. The colours and finish on the door now really make this a grand entrance, as it should be to this lovely historic building. 
The blue stone which is something a little different to work on, but having the re-pointing done and sealing up the surface we have ensured that the building is watertight and the students who call this home are toasty and warm during those cold Dunedin winters.
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