Bellevue Street

This project was a full exterior repaint of the grand Dunedin home at 28 Bellevue Street in the suburb of Belleknowes. Our client was Mrs Adrienne Salmond and the home was built in 1910. The home itself was designed and built by the well-known Dunedin architect Mr Arthur John Salmond, Adrienne’s late husband. 

Arthur John Salmond’s father was also an architect Mr James Louis Salmond, who was responsible for designing over 20 churches around Otago, the Dental School at the University of Otago, Knox College, and the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva Fiji. 

As you would imagine the property at 28 Bellevue Street was grand and had a lot of history to it. Our job – restore the grandeur and leave the property looking smart and ready to face the future!

2023 Master Painters NZ, Gold Award

2023 Master Painters Awards of Excellence, Gold Medal

The project was a large one, due to the amount of preparatory work involved. However things went smoothly and the end product is one that we are very proud of. There were large areas of paint on the weatherboards to strip back to bare timber. What we were looking at was years and years worth of paint build up, which also meant lead based paint to be stripped. The beauty of stripping the paint back to timber is that the weatherboards now look like new!

Special features of this property include the turret roof and adjoining porch area around the amazing 6 sided windows on the corner of the home. 

The fascia boards around the home are also very intricate and the cut outs on the boards really let the colours pop as the blue shows through from the open eves below. The eves also had beautiful detailing in the timber struts. 

The doors are also a real feature that now pop with the new colour scheme. The dark blue door with the powder blue frame, surrounded by the lighter weatherboard colour really makes for a fresh look. 

Upon completing the work Mrs Salmond was over the moon with how things were looking and had already had many lovely compliments from neighbours and passers-by. Our Team who worked on the job were all very proud of the job completed on this 100 year old Dunedin home. 

The inspiration for the colour scheme was to breathe life back into this grand old Dunedin property. 

The client wanted to keep the character and use colours that are of the period, however at the same time wanted to be bold and a little different. 

I think that the colours selected really suit the property and accentuate the features. The Powder Blue on the windows is a nice touch and the darker blue on the doors really makes this colour scheme pop. 

The finished product is fresh and crisp, and the client was over the moon with how it all turned out!

Resene Total Colour Residential Exterior Award - Sims & Blue Limited

The judges said: "This graceful home has had its beauty restored with colour and quality of workmanship. The colour palette has just the right touches to draw your eye to the interesting form and architectural details. Deep blue grounds the home and sets the base for a layered colour palette that lightens as it rises, bringing out this home's many charms".

This project uses Resene Dark Night, Resene Half Pearl Lusta, Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta and Resene Powder Blue. 

2022 Resene Total Colour Award, Residential Winner

2022 Resene Total Colour Awards, Overall Exterior Winner, Bellevue Street