Work will be carried out to New Zealand and Australia Standard Specifications 2311:2017 Painting of Buildings (AS/NZS 2311:2017). 

  1. Any additional work required, not included in this quotation, will be charged on a ‘time and materials’ basis.
  2. This quotation remains in force, if accepted; within a period of 6 months of quotation date. Beyond this time the quotation may be liable for revision. We would appreciate an early decision which would enable us to plan our forward workload.
  3. Any change in material cost may result in an additional charge.
  4. Weather conditions – Should work be carried out in the cooler times of the year, we shall check the paintwork on the job when the weather is warmer, washing and touching-up where necessary. There is no additional charge for this service.



We wish an agreement allowing our employees access to the site building or buildings to provide power and toilet facilities to enable the job to be carried out within the stipulated time frame. Should this not be made available we can provide a port-a-loo and electricity compressor, however this would be at an additional cost. 



We can provide the assistance of our colour consultants for your project should you require. There is no additional charge for this service and it is available for both large and small projects, including both interior and exterior work, including specialised coatings. 



Unless otherwise specified, provision has been made for three normal colour exterior and interior colour schemes. Additional colours or picking out maybe charged as an additional charge to the contract price. A change of colour scheme (including gloss level alterations) after application may also be an additional charge to the contract price. This also includes wallpapers and wall coverings selections.

Work is priced on white and pastel bases and standard colours. There will be additional cost increases for 'strong base' colours as they are more costly than the white and pastel colours. 



Commencement time for your project is subject to our current workload, weather conditions, and the availability of scaffold (should it be required for your project). We will communicate this accordingly throughout the waiting period; however it must be appreciated that hold ups can occur from time to time, and that previous jobs must be completed to free up our team to be available for your project. Time-frames are not fixed and are a moving target due to this. Please communicate any exact time-frame requirements that we need to work towards as soon as possible. 



Prior to commencing your project, it would be appropriate to walk around the areas to be worked on to make both our team and yourselves aware of the following; condition of exterior lights (often very brittle), existing broken panes of glass, and paint on brick work that may be present prior to work being started. Also to note is that gardens may need pruned back to allow us access, interior items need to be removed to allow a clear working environment, including items like televisions on walls removed and outdoor pots and items. 



If your project has been quoted as a complete project and you would like to carry out only part of the quoted works, there may be some additional cost involved due to the nature of the work. Complete projects allow us to carry out the work in a methodical manner which differs if certain areas are then removed. Please communicate this to us as we may need to re-quote should this staged project approach be required. 



We are accredited contractors for the removal of lead based paints. We have a full procedure in place to ensure the safe removal and disposal of lead based paints from your property. 



Our company has an up-to-date Health and Safety Policy in place. All staff and contractors have a solid understanding around our Health and Safety Policies and Procedures to ensure a safe working environment for both workers and clients. Should your workplace have existing policies and procedures in place please make us aware of this so we can follow accordingly. 



It is our strong recommendation that all rotten and damaged timber apparent on your project is should be removed and replaced with new. The full extent of timber damage is ascertained after preparatory work has been carried out. We do not under any circumstances paint over rotten timberwork. 

Timber windowsills can often be badly cracked. It is our recommendation that windowsills in this condition are replaced. We can fill these cracks, however the timber will open up again over time. This is not a paint, product, or workmanship failure - it is a failure of the underlying timberwork. We can arrange our carpenter to replace any damaged and rotten timber at an additional cost to the quotation. 



Since 1964 Sims & Blue Limited have been proud members of the Master Painters New Zealand Association. 



As part of our relationship with the Master Painters New Zealand we are proud to offer you the following workmanship warrantees. Issues are very rare, however can occur from time to time. These warrantees provides additional piece of mind when completing your project with our company.



This warrantee covers both workmanship and material defects and rectifying any issues up to $15,000.00. There is no additional cost for this warrantee.



This warrantee covers both workmanship and material defects and rectifying any issues up to $50,000.00. This warrantee is transferable to new homeowners should you sell your property within this time-frame. Please advise our office if you would like to take advantage of this warrantee prior to starting your project. The cost of this warrantee is $225.00 incl GST. 



This warrantee covers both workmanship and material defects and rectifying any issues up to $60,000.00. This warrantee is transferable should you sell your property within this time-frame. Please advise our office if you would like to take advantage of this warrantee prior to starting your project. The cost of this warrantee is $460.00 incl GST. 



If your project requires the covering of powerlines for the protection of our workers, depending on the condition of the powerlines there is occasionally the requirement to replace the lines with a single natural screen. This would be discussed with Delta and communicated at the time and would be an additional cost to the client. 



Should scaffolding or roof handrails be required for your project, at times there is the provision that this may need to be erected on the roof of your property. There is the possibility that damage may occur on tiled or slate roofs as they are often brittle and aged. Sims & Blue Limited will take all care to prevent this happening but no responsibility for any damage that does occur. We can arrange for a roof check at the end of the project, however this would be an additional cost to the client. 

In some instances, scaffolding may be built around ariels and TV dishes which may interfere with reception. Sims & Blue Limited will endeavor to work around this where practical, however take no responsibility for any interference that is caused by the placement of scaffolding. 



The brand of paint to be used for this project will be Dulux, Resene or Wattyl branded paints (including subsidiary brands). We have long-standing working relationships with each of these major brands. Should you wish to use another brand (or a specialty product) this will need to be communicated prior to accepting our quotation. 



Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of meaning of any clause herein or in the specifications or other relevant documents, or the extent of the work tendered for or the quality of the workmanship, the matter(s) shall be referred to the Disputes Committee appointed by the Master Painters New Zealand Association Inc. whose decision shall be final and binding. Payment of the account shall be made as per the quotation acceptance less amount in dispute. We are bonded by the rules and code of ethics of the Master Painters New Zealand Association Inc. 



Full payment within 7 days of completion of work. 

Progress invoicing by agreement will be undertaken on large or multi-dimensional projects.