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Cup for Lower South Island Apprentice of the Year named after John Sims - 1st Oct 2020

Cup for Lower South Island Apprentice of the Year named after John Sims

In October 2020 a visit and catch up with Master Painters New Zealand CEO Brian Miller was accompanied by the news that the Master Painters had decided to start a new cup for Lower South Island Apprentice of the Year. This cup was to be known as the 'John Sims Cup'

John was really taken by surprise with the news and described it as 'an honor to have my name associated with for years to come'. 

The first time this cup will be presented will be the Master Painters Conference in Rotorua later this year. 

Training apprentices is something both John and the company as a whole is very passionate about. A couple of years ago John was also recognised for his work in training over 50 apprentices in the industry, a number of which now run very successful companies in their own right. 


Sims & Blue Feature in New Zealand Painter & Decorator Magazine - 1st Aug 2020

Sims & Blue Limited featured as the cover story in the August 2020 edition of the New Zealand Painter & Decorator Magazine. Our feature outlined the next evolution of the company, what makes Sims & Blue the strong performer it is today, an the addition of another of John's sons back to the company. 


The Next Evolution of Sims & Blue Limited

Established in 1962 by John Sims and Gilbert Blue, Sims & Blue Limited of Dunedin is an iconic Dunedin firm. The driving force behind Sims & Blue Limited has been John, who has been at the helm for every moment of the companies 58 year history.  During this time John has helped train over 100 apprentices in the trade, many who are now running their own very successful businesses with their own quality reputations in both the Dunedin and the Central Otago regions.

The firm has stood the test of time, keeping properties all over the Otago and District regions looking sharp for many years. Sims & Blue Limited are proud to be lifelong members of the New Zealand Master Painters Association with John also serving as president in 1993.

However, as we know time stops for no man, and the firm must evolve and move with the times. At the ripe age of 80, John is now stepping aside from the everyday running of the company. This is where two of John’s sons step in.

Glenn Sims has been involved with the company for 35+ years, having been brought up in the painting industry through the family business. Glenn will be managing the team on site, interacting with the clients, and measuring the work. Glenn understands what it takes to keep a job on track and keep the client informed and happy.  Glenn also has a wealth of knowledge around both new work as well as something that is dear to our hearts here in Dunedin, the classic wooden villa. Taking the time to restore an old wooden villa to its former glory is a skill not everyone possesses; however lead by John and more recently Glenn, this is something Sims & Blue Limited excels at.

John’s youngest son Nathan Sims has recently re-joined the company after a break of a few years whilst travelling and furthering his knowledge. During this time Nathan spent 5 years as an accounts analyst with the Aotea Group of Companies, mainly Aotea Security NZ Ltd. Though this time Nathan built a wealth of knowledge around accounting, process management, and getting the best out of a team. He is now eager to use these skills at Sims & Blue Limited into the future. Nathan’s first goals will be streamlining processes, making things seamless and stress-free for their clients, and bringing the business into the 21st century.  

John of course will still be involved as a senior mentor to the team. Keeping an eye on everything and making sure the key foundations of the company remain the same and at the forefront of everything they do. The key foundations being quality workmanship; preparation is key, communication with the client, and doing the job right the first time.

Sims & Blue Limited is now set up for the next generation. Currently the firm has a very solid forward work load, and with their team of 10+ quality Master Painters, will be busy painting the homes of Dunedin for many years to come.

Link to the full August issue here,


Sims & Blue complete a restoration project on Duke Street - 4th Mar 2019

Sims & Blue complete a restoration project on Duke Street

You may have seen the scaffolding up at this property on Duke Street, just before the arrival of the students. It’s an old maternity hospital that has been restored to its former glory and made into some student accommodation. It’s in a great location, with the paintwork being noticeable from the bridge in the botanic gardens. Sims & Blue used their new lead sanding machine to remove the old lead-based paint that was on the building, and it worked a treat. The building, at two stories, was a major project and brings up the value of the whole street with its new finish. What an asset.

Sims & Blue have a new lead-based paint sanding machine - 4th Mar 2019

Sims & Blue have a new lead-based paint sanding machine

The team at Sims & Blue have been trialling our new lead-based paint sanding machine and it’s been working incredibly well. With this new machine removing lead-based paint (which is a hazardous material) is quicker and safer than ever. Sims & Blue have a real passion for restoration projects, and this new machine means we are better equipped to take on any restoration work.

You may not be aware, but it’s best to presume that any building that was built in the 1980s or earlier is painted with lead-based paint. Lead-based paints can not only have an impact on people but also on the environment so it’s best to call in the professionals so that the right precautions are undertaken.

You can find out more about managing lead-based paint on the Worksafe website.

See Sims & Blue Projects that involve lead-based paint removal under our ‘Projects’ tab or follow us on Facebook to see the lead-based paint sanding machine in action and see our latest work. 


Kindergartens Head Office Completed - 4th Mar 2019

Hayden and Ashley from the Sims & Blue team have completed a Kindergarten Head Office on Forbury Road. Here are some photos of the finished project for you.

See more finished projects by Sims & Blue in our Projects section.

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